Stability of Nanoparticles

The success of a dosage form greatly depends on its ability to retain its characteristic features as at the time of manufacturing during its distribution, sale, and use. This property of the formulation is known as stability and increase the instability of the pharmaceutical product can damage the physical appearance, chemical properties, and therapeutic efficacy of the medication it might even show toxic or no pharmacological effect. Therefore, after a drug has been formulated it undergoes stability testing according to the ICH guidelines. The stability study protocol provided by ICH guidelines incorporates accelerated stability study, stability testing, and stability evaluations of pharma products. Stability testing of a pharmaceutical product is not a requirement but a necessity to ensure assurance to the patient, for the legal obligation, and for economic consideration. It also helps to predetermine the pharmaceutical packaging and storage conditions.

  • Packaging of Nanopharmaceuticals
  • Storage of Nanopharmaceuticals
  • Commercialization of Nanopharmaceuticals

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