Nanomedicine is a branch of medicine which applies the science and tools of nanotechnology to understand, resist and to cure diseases. Nanoparticles are used for diagnosis, sensing, imaging targeted delivery for improving drug accumulation, internalization, and to enhance therapeutic efficacy. The emerges of nanomedicine have revolutionized neurology, oncology, gene therapy, by improving biodistribution and site specificity of the delivered drug. The application of nanotechnology in medicine has been able to overcome the disadvantages of conventional therapeutics by engaging noninvasive drug therapy at the molecular (cellular) level with nanodevices like carbon nanotubes, nanowires, nano threads, and nanofiber, etc.This session will be based on the ongoing researches, advancements, and obstacle faced in this field.

  • Nano-neurology
  • Nano-cardiology
  • Nano dermatology
  • Nano surgicals
  • Nano-medicine in Immunology and vaccination

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