The materials which fall within the size range of (1-100nm) and manufactured by the application of nanotechnology are termed as nanomaterials. They showcase novel properties for drug delivery. Therefore the material is used for making nanoparticles which would degrade at a desired rate to release the drug in a controlled manner, to prolong the effect and enhance the efficacy of the drug thus reducing the dosing frequency and minimizing the risk of toxicity. The materials being used is needed to be economical i.e it should be widely available and cost-efficient. The nanomaterial must not possess any side effects of its own or it should not show any incompatibility with the drug, food, or patient. This session will centralize on the growing use of nanomaterials in pharmacy and the ethics associated with its production. 

  • Bio-materials and Natural pollysaccharide
  • Nano-coating
  • Analysis of Nanomaterials
  • Nano-materials Market
  • Manufacturing Guidelines

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