The session is centered upon the benefits of nanocarriers as a drug delivery tool for carrying the drug or the therapeutics (protein, gene, vaccine, etc.)to targeted site by crossing the biological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier, plasma barrier, etc. The selection of nanocarriers is based upon its ability to protect the drug from enzymatic degradation, bypassing the first past metabolism, and site-specific delivery. The delivery of a drug by nanocarriers requires proper encapsulation, targeted delivery, and controlled release of medicament.The session will offer a discussion on nanocarrier and its association with targeted delivery, co-delivery, along with the devices used such as implants, microchip, micropumps, drug pumps, nano pumps, micro-osmotic pumps, and microneedles.

  • Nanobots
  • Micro needles
  • polymer Drug Delivery
  • Hydro-gel nano-particles
  • Implants and Injectables
  • Nano Devices

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