Formulation of Nanoparticles

For the formulation of a dosage form, the selection of drug is based on, its potent biological activity, its water solubility or its circulating half-life.This session will focus on the scope of  Nanotechnology in enhancing these properties and also improve the state of the conventional dosage form by the formation of nanoparticles like gold particles, dendrimers, perfluorocarbon, nanotube, iron oxide and FeCo for enhancing the therapeutic effect and reducing adverse effects. It will also deal with the challenges arising with the physicochemical properties of the active pharmaceutical ingredients(API) and excipients due to size reduction and the techniques which will help to overcome these situations.

  • Research and Development in Nanoparticle Formulation
  • Quality Control in Nanoformulation
  • Nano Dosage form
  • Formulation Economy
  • Ethics of Formulation

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